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Mark Basel - Minneapolis based headshot and portrait photograper

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Need a headshot for your business or personal brand?

Here are a few things that make my headshots unique.

- It's the only image of you that pays you back! This is an investment in you, your brand, and your business.

- Makes a connection with your customers, clients, and anyone who wants to hire you.

- Showcases you in the best way by using the best lighting, angles, and expressions.

- Details matter! Hair, jacket, shirt, tie, etc. I pay attention to all of these things to make you look amazing.

- On-site makeup and hair artists are available by request.

- Commercial studio close to downtown Minneapolis.

- I know current trends, print requirements and how sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others want your photo formatted.

- My work has been published in numerous trade magazines, ads, and political campaigns.

What is the Return on Investment of a Headshot?

Your headshot will stand out, make a statement, and look professional.

It will help build trust with your audience and illustrate you care about your business or craft. It will show your commitment to quality and style.

Your viewer will be drawn in and want to know more about you.

Your audience will make an instant connection with you, which builds confidence and trust.

What is the cost?

There are many aspects that play a role in creating and producing custom images for you. Each photo taken during your session represents hours of preparation before, during and after the session. Each headshot and portrait image is also the product of countless hours of practice, patience and dedication to excellence. There are many costs involved in running a legitimate business; continuing education, equipment, props, taxes, insurance and marketing and so on. The session fee is carefully calculated, taking all these aspects of custom photography into consideration.

How do I setup a headshot session and what is the process?

1. Contact me to schedule an appointment. You can email me or call me. 

   - 612-327-4002

2. Once we have a date and time setup I will email you all the information you need including wardrobe tips, hair and makeup tips, and the studio directions.

3. We shoot your headshots!

4. I will upload your proofs to a secure online site where you can choose your final images.

5. I will retouch your images and deliver them back to you.

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