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Need a headshot for your business or personal brand?

Here are a few things that make a Mark Basel headshot unique.

- It's the only image of you that pays you back! This is an investment in you, your brand, and your business.

- Makes a connection with your customers, clients, and anyone who wants to hire you.

- Showcases you in the best way by using the best lighting, angles, and expressions.

- Details matter! Hair, jacket, shirt, tie, etc. I pay attention to all of these things to make you look amazing. On-site makeup and hair artists are available by request.

- Commercial studio close to downtown Minneapolis.

- I know current trends, print requirements and how sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others want your photo formatted.

What is the Return on Investment of a Headshot?

1. Your headshot will stand out, make a statement, and look professional.

2. It will help build trust with your audience and illustrate you care about your business or craft.

3. It will show your commitment to quality and style. Y

4. Your viewer will be drawn in and want to know more about you.

5. Your audience will make an instant connection with you, which builds confidence and trust.

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How do I setup a headshot session and what is the process?

1. Contact me to schedule an appointment. You can email mark@markbasel.com or call me at 612-327-4002

2. Once we have a date and time setup I will email you all the information you need including wardrobe tips, hair and makeup tips, and the studio directions.

3. We shoot your headshots!

4. I will upload your proofs to a secure online site where you can choose your final images.

5. I will retouch your images and deliver them back to you.

What others are saying...

Don't take my word for it, here are a few many of the wonderful testimonials my customers have written about me.

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Tom S.

Mark has an easy style that sneaks up on you, so before I knew it, I had exactly what I needed, or actually something better what I expected. Sitting for professional photographs was way out of my comfort zone and going into it, I was mostly interested in being done with it. When we were done, I was surprised how the time had flown. Mark gives off a perceptible aura of competence (justifiably - it is born out by his final product) that contributes to making the picture taking experience so pleasant. He communicated clearly what he was doing and why the entire time. Finally, I had too much going on to spend much time at all on the back end of the process, so I could not be happier with Mark's review and edit program. It was quick, painless, and the shots are terrific.

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Kim E.

Mark was awesome to work with! He took professional headshots for me. He is professional and the photos turned out perfect! I will use him again and highly recommend him.

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Reid M.

Mark is a total pro. Working with him was a very positive experience. I will be recommending him to friends and colleagues.


Let's connect and come up with a day and time that will work for you.  I customize every session based on your needs so shoot me a message and I will get right back to you!

Email:  mark@markbasel.com

Call or text:  612-327-4002

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