The Headshot Session

If you are looking for a great headshot that tells your peers, clients, or fans that you are smart, confident, and trustworthy follow the steps below. Let's talk pricing:

Session fee: $200
 - Unlimited looks/wardrobe changes
 - Choice of backgrounds

 - Coaching and image selection
- About an hour of session time  

Retouched high resolution images: $50/Image
 - Blemishes, redness, color correction, stray hairs, etc.

Makeup and hair services: $150/hr

- Professional hair and makeup services available.

(highly recommended for your session)

Ok, now that you have the basics, let's get started!

STEP ONE: Contact me or click book now to schedule your session.

 - My online booking system shows you my availability, this way  you know when I'm free saving any back and forth. Pick the time that works for you. If you need a group session, or something more custom contact me at

STEP TWO: Prep for your shoot using my custom guide.

 - You will get an email after booking that covers wardrobe, hair, makeup, glasses, etc. I also give you tips and tricks that will make you look amazing in front of the camera.

STEP THREE: We review every image that is taken. 

 - During your photoshoot we take breaks and look at your images on my display, not the back of a camera. We can then make adjustments if needed. This unique method ensures you are getting the results you want. 

STEP FIVE: Once your selections are made they are sent to my retoucher for the final stage.

 - Retouching is the art of taking the "raw" photo which is basically the modern version of a negative in the film days. Retouching takes out redness, stray hairs, blemishes, and basically makes your image look awesome. 

STEP SIX: You'll receive your retouched files in one weeks time.


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