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Pro Headshot Package - $199

About 2 years ago I started looking for a better way to photograph headshots. Believe it or not, most headshots out there look more or less like a standard portrait. You may be thinking "What's the difference?" and you would not be alone.

Here is an article from Linkedin explaining what they recommend for a professional headshot. 

The difference is the way you use your headshot. The professional headshot or portrait is almost exclusively used to make you money. A professional image needs to be something that sells you, promotes you and returns an investment. Over the years I have sought out the best headshot and portrait photographers in the world, crafted a custom process for shooting premium images and created a loyal customer base, amazing testimonials and magazine features. I want to be your partner in this part of your brand and maximize your return on your headshot investment.  

I am currently offering a custom headshot session at my studio with full retouching of your favorite image for $199.  

This offer is limited so please give me a call or email me and we can book at date and time.  I look forward to meeting you!

 Phone: 612-327-4002.



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