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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

It depends on you!.  I customize my pricing based on the type of shoot, complexity and time needed to capture your best images.  Headshot and portrait pricing ranges from $150 - $450.  

Do you have a specialty?  Yes,  

I specialize in Headshots and portraiture.  I use strobes (flashes) and natural light.  

Where are you located?  

My studio is located in the arts district of Minneapolis here:1224 Quincy Ave NEMinneapolis, MN 55413

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What should I wear?

The most common question I get before a photo shoot is “what should I wear?” Here are some tips. The first thing you should think about is “what do I feel great wearing?” We all have outfits we love more than others, so start there then use some of these guidelines to narrow it down.

Also, stay away from black or white, I have found that jewel colors work best. Women’s necklines Most women look best in scoop, boat or crew necklines. Here is a guide that shows some of the more common and some not-so-common necklines

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Generally it’s best to stay away from poofy shoulders, bedazzling and most collars as they can sometimes have a mind of their own and not lay flat. I generally say it’s best to avoid short sleeves or sleeveless unless you want to show off those arms you have been sculpting in the gym, then go for it!

Mens Necklines

Most men look good with a v-neck or crew neck shirt. You also can’t go wrong with a suit jacket and tie. You can opt for an open collar with or without a jacket as well. A white dress shirt alone doesn’t look good in professional portraits, instead wear colors that complement your skin tone. Good colors Jewel tone colors and colors that complement your skin, check our this guide to knowing your colors Bring a variety from that hue Men should avoid the plain white shirt and choose some color, some texture in the fabric is fine Jackets can have a light pattern such as a pinstripe, we just want to avoid any crazy patterns Pick some ties that complement your jacket and shirt, you can add some pattern here What to avoid Plaids, wild patterns, and logos or words Turtlenecks, scarves, and shiny fabrics Anything seasonal Accessories I recommend that people don’t wear accessories in their professional headshot. Necklaces and large earrings can distract from your face but if you feel that you need earrings, small studs are fine.

What if I wear glasses?

Should you wear glasses in your headshot? Yes. If you normally use eyewear, you should wear them in your headshot. Since a headshot is used as an identity photo, whether it is on social media or your website, you want people to recognize you. If you choose to wear your glasses, reflection issues may arise with flash photography. I will work with you during the session to minimize glare and reflection.

- Here are some tips to consider before the photo session to help ensure a natural look.

- Make sure your glasses are in good shape

- Make sure to clean your lenses Bring a few pairs of glasses to the shoot.

- If you know they have anti-glare coating make sure to bring them

- Try to bring a pair that does not have transitions or dark lenses

- Ask your optometrist’s office to pop out the lenses prior to the session (if applicable)

Glasses should be in good shape. If they are bent and crooked in a photo you look bad. Plastic frames on older glasses will lose their shine in some spots or have dents and deep scratches. Any scratched lenses will take away from a clean and polished look. Make sure you avoid all these problems and bring your newest, cleanest pairs of glasses.

Can we get the digital files?

Yes. I will provide you with a secure site where I upload all of the best shots from the shoot and they are available in sizes acceptable for web and social sharing.  

Is tax included? 


Where are you located?

Do you charge travel fees?

It depends on each shoot.  Just contact me and let me know your destination and we can discuss.

Do you offer albums?

Yes.   I work with an amazing lab that creates stunning albums and prints.

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