The most common question I get before a photo shoot is “what should I wear?” Here are some tips.

What do I feel great wearing?

- We all have outfits or certain articles we love more than others, so start with those options then use some of these tips to narrow it down. 

Who is your audience?

 - Think about who you are targeting with your headshot. Is it clients? Hiring managers? Customers? Readers? Keep that in mind when picking your outfits. If you have a couple audiences you are reaching, bring something for both. 

What is the vibe you are projecting?

- Are you looking for whimsical, stern, confident, creative, etc? Those are other things to consider when you are choosing your portrait wardrobe. 

Women’s necklines: Most women look best in scoop, boat or crew necklines. Here is a guide that shows some of the more common and some not-so-common necklines

V - Neck

Untitled photo

Swoop Neck

Untitled photo

Crew Neck

Chanel Ray


Mock turtleneck

Untitled photo


Untitled photo


Emily Negrin

Boat Neck

Untitled photo

Off Shoulder

Untitled photo


Generally it’s best to stay away from poofy shoulders, bedazzling and most collars as they can sometimes have a mind of their own and not lay flat. In most cases it’s best to avoid short sleeves or sleeveless unless you want to show off those arms you have been sculpting in the gym, then go for it!

Jacket? Sweater? Giant scarf? I love layers, but not all layers are equal. A well fitted sweater can look smart and casual but a cardigan or a sweater the bunches up can be unflattering.  A smart jacket in a common color like blue, gray, and black are great options. If your style is more colorful grab a few colorful jackets and sweaters as well. Shirts should be in colors that complement the jackets or sweater. Bring some options other than white, jewel tones, red and blue look great.              

Check out the examples below as a reference to get your ideas flowing and then head to the closet! (or the mall). 

Some example of casual jackets include a well fitted leather or jean jacket. These are go-to for any creative or acting headshot. Great look if you are going for a more casual image to complement your professional headshot. 

Here are a few examples of business jackets. Blue, gray and black are pretty much the standard here but if you are up for some color and you would normally rock a red blazer bring it along as well. 

Shirts in headshots are a chance to add  pops of color. Bring some options for both white, gray and black background, think contrast. White and light colors are fine but consider jewel tones like emerald or sapphire blue. Purple, green, red or orange can work well too.  Medium or darker grays are good for a more neutral look. Solid colors work best on camera verses a crazy pattern. A small check, texture or pattern that isn't real tight is ok, be aware of any tight herringbone patterns as that can cause a moire pattern on the camera.

If  you looking for a more formal look go with a collar. Depending on the shirt a collarless option will work but it needs to be a professional top but pay attention to how low the neckline is. A scooped or draped neckline can sometimes look unflattering on camera.  

Dresses can add a ice color and fabric option. Choose a heavier fabric and make sure it fits well and that you feel comfortable wearing it. Many dresses don't have sleeves which may not meet the criteria for some professions but if that's not an issue for you or your in a creative field they can look great as long as your are ok showing off the guns :)        

More info on colors
The colors you wear in headshots can affect your mood, energy, and how others may perceive you. You want to wear colors that portray positive perceptions and exude confidence, sincerity, and approachability. Here are colors with their perceived meanings:

RED  - Action, powerful, passion and energetic

GREEN -  Growth, ideas, vitality and sophistication

BLUE -  inspires confidence, success and trust Navy blue is best color for work/interviews – more likely to get the job.

GOLD -  Wealth, prosperity, luxury

BLACK -  Black looks classic and sophisticated, but perceived as depressing, serious or intimidating – so add a little color to black suits.

PINK -  Compassion, understanding and warmth Pink or salmon worn by men is seen as a communicator color.

BROWN - Practical and reliable; sometimes perceived as dull

PURPLE -  Inventive, creative, intuitive Dark purple can be perceived as elegant and projects authority.

WHITE - Clean, pure, innocent, and simple

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